• About The Giant Company: Payoneer

    There out are many companies including Payoneer & PayPal that helps you send & receive cross-border payments.

    We know how hard it could be for you if you're from the country where PayPal isn't working but let it does not stop you from getting successful & achieving your dreams because Payoneer is there to help you out fill the gap of PayPal. Before We Talk about Payoneer, I'd like you to know that Payoneer is offering an advanced Payoneer Sign Up 25 Bonus that is an exclusive bonus offered to all the users who are signing up for Payoneer using the Payoneerhow,com's exclusive bonus affiliate link.


    What's Payoneer?

    Payoneer is a great platform and so-called company that allows Small & Large scale businesses use the platform as a Payout Method to send & release Payments to their employees & users. Payoneer is also the best option for Freelancers, Affiliate Networks, Bloggers & Internet Marketers to get paid by those giant marketplaces & companies without any high-fees & charges.

    Payoneer Sign UP Bonus

    As we have already discussed above that Payoneer is a great platform so it is now also offering a Free Payoneer Sign UP Bonus to all the new users who are going to register with Payoneer: The Great Platform using the exclusive affiliate link shared & posted on the Payoneer Unofficial Affiliate Site, PayoneerHow.com.


    It's the best website that offers helpful info & bonuses to all the New Payoneer Users!

    Payoneer MasterCard

    One of the things that have been appreciated by users is the Payoneer MasterCard or also known as Payoneer ATM Card. It's basically offered with the Payoneer Account and anyone that signs up for Payoneer would have the option to Order a New Payoneer MasterCard and then activate it with his/her account and then the user can easily use the ATM Card to withdraw money from their Payoneer Accounts via any ATM across the globe.

    Payoneer Without Bank Account

    When you used to register for Payoneer a year ago, there was no need of any kind of Bank Details but as the time went on, Payoneer started to request Users' Bank Account Details before they can actually access & register for a new Payoneer Account. Basically it's a good thing to link your local bank with your Payoneer Account because you'll the be able to easily withdraw & fund your Local Bank Account from your Payoneer Account at a good exchange rate if in case you want to withdraw from Dollars into your local or any different currency than the one in your Payoneer Account.

    In case you're from Pakistan and you're willing to Order Payoneer In Pakistan then you'll need to provide your Pakistani Bank Account such as Habib Bank Account Details, Alfalah Bank Account Details and many others.

    Payoneer Fees

    Unlike PayPal, Payoneer offers a very low-fees for funding your account. Each time you get paid by any company, you'll be having two options.

    1. Normal Funds Transfer: This means that Payoneer will charge you $2 and your funds/money will be transfer to your account within 2-3 business days. However, it does come late sometimes.
    2. Immediate Funds Transfer: If you'll be choosing this option, Payoneer will charge you $5 per transactions and your funds/money will be transferred to your account within the next 1-2 Hours or less than 1 Hour!
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